Howso Engine™#

Whether you are an individual or a large enterprise, AI has likely already impacted your daily life. While AI has likely opened up many exciting new opportunities, you have probably heard stories of AI generating “hallucinations” and grossly biased predictions. You might have a nagging suspicion that the AI available today is unreliable or misleading. And because it is inherently “black box”, you cannot understand, trust, or control why its decisions were made, the data it used, or its reliability.

Enter Howso™. Howso is the result of years of research and innovation to solve the problem of trustworthy AI. Howso is rooted in instance-based learning (IBL), so all of its decisions are made directly from the data. Howso stores information in memory and makes predictions from the similarities and differences between data points, not an underlying black box model, leading to fully transparent decisions with perfect attribution back to the source data. Howso utilizes cutting edge advances in the fields of statistics, physics, game theory, and information theory to make IBL understandable, performant, versatile, and trustworthy.

In the spirit of providing trustworthy AI to all, Howso has open sourced its Engine™ platform. Engine enables you to…

  • Make accurate predictions and avoid hallucinations

  • Perfectly cite the data used to make predictions

  • Utilize state of the art interpretability tools to identify how your dataset influenced predictions

  • Automatically perform a variety of data science tasks

  • Identify and maintain integrity during adversarial attacks on your data

  • And more!

So, how can you use the Howso Engine™ to harness the power of AI without sacrificing understanding, trust, and control?

Our docs are purpose built to provide you the tools and resources to confidently implement Engine to make important, human-centric decisions. Join us and learn… how so?

Getting Started#

To get started, install the Howso Engine

Then, familiarize yourself with the Howso Engine’s capabilities so you understand why you should ask… how so?

Next, learn about key technological differentiators of the Howso Engine and gain a better understanding of frequently used terminology

Explore Introductory User Guides, Recipes, and API References#

Explore basic user guides to perform your first tasks

Download and run introductory recipes (sample notebooks)

And check out API References


The Howso team is constantly trying to improve documentation with new information and resources for a better user experience. If you have ideas for how we could improve our docs or would like to contribute to the Howso Engine, we welcome your feedback on our github page!